Meeting in Amersfoort, Netherlands

Together with the partners of the LIFE Multi Peat, we ensure that unique nature like in the Dutch Witte Veen is restored. Our partners Natuurpunt, NABU, OTOP, Eurosite, University of Galway and Insight SFI Research Centre for Data Analytics visited Natuurmonumenten this week. 


Special about this LIFE grant is its research aspect, which was central to the program in the Witte Veen on Tuesday 10 October. At the Witte Veen site area researchers collected data on greenhouse gasses using flux chambers. On Wednesday 11 October the collected data was compared by the same group of experts at the Natuurmonumenten head office in Amersfoort. The aim of this exercise is to establish an identical way to measure greenhouse gas emissions.


In addition to research, there is also a focus on influence European policy that positively affects peatlands protection. On Wednesday our partner NABU led a policy workshop during which amongst others the European Peatland Policy Working Group was discussed.


On Thursday 12 October all delegates met and the progress of five restoration sites was discussed. The day led to interesting discussions with our international partners and ended with dinner and drinks. These conversations continued on the bus to Witte Veen on Friday morning. Once arrived in natural area Witte Veen, colleagues of Natuurmonumenten guided the group along the Witte Veen and showed the progress off the nature restoration in this area. During the field visit they received many questions, including about the history of the area, the iron oxide that is visible after scraping, the recovering raised peat, the grazers and the future of the area. After the field visit, lunch was ready and provided by a local entrepreneur. 


It was a successful week during which we received many enthusiastic responses about the nature restoration in the Witte Veen as well as our beautiful office in Amersfoort. We’re looking forward to the next LIFE Multi Peat visit.