Gathering of people at Häsen in Germany sitting on a table on an event by NABU e.V.

LIFE Multi Peat roundtable in Häsen, Germany

Häsen Event 24.11.2023 

On November 24, 2023, the NABU e.V. invited the local population of Häsen to an informal roundtable at the Kornspeicher-Café to discuss perspectives, exchange information, and gain insights on the development of the restoration project in the Häsener Luch, the German LIFE Multi Peat project site. Among the 45 participants were not only residents and farmers of Häsen and neighboring communities but also Pieter Schneider, the mayor of the municipality Löwenberger Land and Stephan von Hundelshausen, member of the local advisory council. As representatives of the residents, they emphasized the chance the LIFE project brings into their community and acknowledged NABU’s efforts to include the residents and stakeholders through conversations, interviews, and regular events. Jonathan Etzold, the national coordinator of the project, guided the evening, providing an overview of restoration efforts and addressing questions from residents and farmers. Especially alternative value chains, such as paludiculture, water retention plans and the influence on the water table in the surrounding area, as well as the outlook beyond the project period were of interest. The short film about the project was very well received by the participants, and the screening of a documentary highlighting the opportunities presented by peatland restoration through its potential for CO2 sequestration as part of the Brandenburger Ökofilmtour underlined the importance of the project. Overall, the event was a success. Participants enjoyed the remainder of the evening with drinks, local sausages, and potato salad. The proposed peat-walk in 2024 was met with enthusiasm, providing an opportunity to continue the conversation.